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What about the online learner?

January 8, 2011

Oblinger and Oblinger talk about the millennial learner, Prensky speaks of the digital natives, but can we really categorize such general groups?  We have moved from mass media to individual media.  Advertising is changing from targeting groups to analyzing and targeting individuals (me and you) online by showing other products we are likely to want based on our individual personal choices to date!!   The convenience of describing a group vs. the importance of dealing with the individuals.  This is one more question that we need to deal with in online education.

Each online learner has a specific set of skills and developed competencies, each will also have very specific expectations about everything.  Each will have some personal, specific knowledge and expertise – what are they?  What are they for each individual and how does that play out in the work group?  Individuals are just that: individuals. Each is unique and all are different.

Understanding what each brings to the table and what each expects to achieve within the context of an online course defines the nature of the course as well as the role of the teacher, or at least where the true mentor will intervene. 
  Now, lets make good use of personalized “Genius” side bar for our e-learning opportunities – build in aggregators…….

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